3D Conformal Treatment Planning

Before your therapy begins, our team of medical physicists work with Dr. Shahid Hameed to develop a treatment plan. This plan is a complex set of instructions that is given to the linear accelerator (the radiation-producing machine). It is designed to direct radiation to the cancerous cells while simultaneously protecting healthy tissues and organs.

The treatment plans are developed using a three-dimensional conformal technique. Using a CT scan that allows 3D visualization of the tumor and surrounding normal tissues, as well as a very sophisticated computer system, the doctor and our physicists customize the shape of the radiation beams to the tumor’s specific size and shape. This plan is then carried out with great precision each day of your treatment.

For more information about 3D conformal treatment planning in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, or to request an appointment with our radiation oncologist, Dr. Shahid Hameed, call Arkansas Cancer Institute at (870) 535-2800.

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